I'm a freelance Google AdWords specialist, with 16 years’ experience helping Australian businesses and marketing managers increase their profitability and return on investment from Google AdWords.

I help businesses get more enquiries. More leads – better quality leads – for a lower cost. More return for your investment.

I do this by understanding your business. Your positioning, your target audience. The value you create, the problems you solve. The unique characteristics which make your business unique. How you differentiate from the competition.

I then design an AdWords strategy perfectly aligned to your business. Not just by keyword, but by location, age, interest, awareness, engagement, and intent. Even the most basic strategy I create has 10,000+ keywords and 10,000+ ad groups. Intelligently organised to increase scalability, adaptability, and growth.

Finally, through data mining, statistical analysis, and good old-fashioned number-crunching, I guide your campaigns to new heights. An ongoing process of adjustment and refinement, measurement and feedback, analysis and optimisation. A constant iteration of improvement, perfectly aligned to your business. An ever-changing algorithm with turns data into meaning, clicks into sales, costs into profit.

It is this passion for using data creatively which forms the foundation of Calculate Marketing. A balance of logic and emotion, art and science, words and numbers. Which adapts to your business and helps you grow.

A truly unique, multi-dimensional, low-risk approach to Google AdWords that will transform your business from day one.

Created and managed by Alan Mitchell.

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