• Businesses spend thousands of dollars on text ads to appear at the top of Google. They’re are a proven form of marketing which has stood the test of time for businesses large and […]

  • Hotel customers are a fussy bunch. They’re demands are ever increasing, their expectations ever rising. Hotel customers want more flexibility, more inclusions, more service, more value. They want to feel loved, respected, appreciated. […]

  • Back in 2009, I looked at the standard of PPC ads being displayed on Google in Australia, using the travel industry as an example. I found that the majority of PPC ads being […]

  • The 4 essential elements for Google AdWords success – earth, air, fire, and water. Keep each element in balance, and achieve great results. But take one away, and prepare for AdWords failure ūüôĀ […]

  • There’s still time to transform your marketing in 2018. Sure, your competitors might have terrible Google ads. And sure, you might have other business worries on your mind as 2018 comes to a […]

  • Ten years ago, back in January 2009, when Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States, and when the world economy was still recovering from the global financial crisis, Google’s chief […]

  • It’s the age of the robots. But not for all businesses it seems. McKenzie (2017)¬†recently conducted a study of Artificial Intelligence (AI) adoption across 3,000 company executives, and found that travel and tourism […]

  • Your Google AdWords campaigns are performing OK, right? You’ve researched thousands of¬†long-tail keywords. Created thousands of ad groups. And crafted thousands of ad messages to¬†closely match¬†your keywords. You’re receiving clicks, and they’re helping […]

  • 2 Magic Numbers

    Businesses and marketing managers who advertise on Google AdWords: forget pay per click¬†health checks, forget PPC¬†audits, forget campaign¬†performance reviews. The quality of your Google AdWords strategy is apparent from just two simple numbers […]

  • Remarketing Strategies

    Remarketing is powerful. It can help your business re-connect with audiences who are already engaged and aware of your product and services. It can show¬†relevant, helpful, and timely ad messages to encourage¬†potential customers […]

  • Google AdWords advertisers – have you ever wanted to get back in front of potential customers who visited your website, left your website, and then later searched Google for phrases relevant to your […]

  • After 7 years running PPC campaigns, I thought I had it sussed. I thought that people searching for specific long-tail searches were further along in the buying cycle than people searching for shorter, […]