There’s still time to transform your marketing in 2018. Sure, your competitors might have terrible Google ads. And sure, you might have other business worries on your mind as 2018 comes to a close.

But so long as: 1) your website is of a suitable standard, 2) you have Google Analytics installed, and most importantly, 3) people actually want your product or service, then all is not lost for 2018. There is still time to transform your Google marketing before the New Year celebrations take over.


Checklist For 2018


Any Google AdWords strategy requires only 4 elements to be successful. The stronger each component, the stronger your results:

  • EARTH – natural demand for your product or service

  • AIR – people searching Google for your product or service

  • FIRE – a website which engages and encourages further action

  • WATER – free-flowing data to measure and optimise


If EARTH (strong natural demand), FIRE (strong engaging website), and WATER (strong data collection) are all adding value for your business, but AIR is letting your business down (poorly targeted ads + lack of keyword research + lack of analysis), then improving your Google Ads strategy can deliver incredible marginal returns.

Get better value from your marketing. Increase your sales, reduce your costs, and boost your ROI. Make each marketing dollar work harder for your business.

Stop procrastinating. There is still time to transform your marketing in 2018. Request a free analysis and get your business thriving this December.

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