Hotel customers are a fussy bunch. They’re demands are ever increasing, their expectations ever rising. Hotel customers want more flexibility, more inclusions, more service, more value. They want to feel loved, respected, appreciated. They don’t want to feel like a statistic, a metric, a generator of revenue.

They have needs and they want them met. Thousands of people searching Google right now, looking for their next place to stay. Thousands of people searching by location, style, room size, amenities, service, price, and availability – and being disappointed by all but a handful of forward-thinking hotels.

It was bad in 2009. It was bad in 2012. And it’s still bad in 2019. It’s no wonder travel and tourism is now widely regarded as the least innovative industry, lagging behind construction and education. A huge missed opportunity for the travel industry, leaving hotel managers frustrated and disappointed.

The demand is there – customers have become more sophisticated – but there’s no-one there to meet the demand. The majority of hotels, large and small, still refuse to appear on Google. Even for highly-relevant search phrases, where their hotel is clearly the most suitable option for the customer’s needs, where a booking is almost certain to happen if the hotel were to simply appear at the right time on Google, most hotels just sit there, refusing to take action, refusing to embrace the opportunity.

For hotels which do appear – the majority still choose to show poorly-targeted, generic, unengaging ads which fail to cater for the specific needs and requirements of their audience.

Hundreds of frustrated potential guests staying at home because theirs needs are unmet. Hundreds of hotel rooms left unfilled. Hundreds of hotel managers scratching their heads. All that lost utility – all that missed opportunity. A disaster of economic proportions.

It doesn’t need to be that way

Raise your standards. Don’t accept mediocre when better is possible. Demand more from your Google Ad manager. More relevancy, more efficiency, more bookings from Google. More filled rooms and more happy guests. More revenue, more profit, more return on investment for your hotel.

1. More keywords

2. More ads

3. More audiences

  • At least 50 audience segments actively collecting data in Google Analytics
  • Segmentation by source, search query, and theme of visit
  • Segmentation by website actions and level of engagement
  • Segmentation by recency of visit and stage of buying cycle
  • Cross pollination across multiple audience themes

4. More retargeting

5. More measurement

6. More analysis

7. More optimisation

It’s never too late to transform your hotel marketing. Lower your costs, increase your occupancy, and boost your profits with a Google strategy of 2021. Request a free analysis of your hotel today.

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