After using Google AdWords for 2 years, an Australian travel agency with a clearly defined target market wanted to reduce their Google AdWords click spending and increase their number of qualified enquiries. They were frustrated at the high wastage from irrelevant searches, overuse of broad match, and lack of a clear PPC strategy, so contacted Calculate Marketing for a free review and analysis of their current PPC campaigns.


34% more enquiries, 12% lower cost per enquiry.

How I helped

The large amount of Google AdWords search query data collected while the old campaigns were previously running over the last 2 years proved to be a gold mine for researching new keywords and determining which search themes performed better than others. Using this data, the scale of the campaign increased considerably:

  • Number of keywords increased from 992 to 275,532
  • Number of ad groups increased from 79 to 10,967
  • Number of tailored ad messages increased from 216 to 142,571

The campaigns were structured and organised strategically, so that different types of keywords could be measured and optimised separately. Thousands of exact, phrase, and modified broad match keywords were given highly-targeted, tailored, and engaging ad messages. A huge list of 1,844 negative keywords prevented ads from appearing for irrelevant searches.

Campaign results

Within a single month, this highly-tailored PPC strategy led to significant improvements in campaign performance. For a similar average cost per click (CPC):

  • Visitor numbers from PPC ads rose by 20%
  • Click through rate (CTR) increased by 79%
  • Average Quality Scores increased by 16%

Client results

Reduced wastage from irrelevant searches, improved tailoring of ad messages, and extensive use of sitelink ad extensions to help increase website deep-linking meant that:

  • Bounce rate fell by 15%
  • Enquiry volume increased by 34%
  • Enquiry conversion rate increased by 11%
  • Cost per enquiry fell by 12%

Due to the increased relevancy and targeting of the campaigns, the quality of enquiries and the enquiry to sale conversion rate also increased considerably. For a similar Google AdWords click spend, a more strategic and tailored PPC campaign strategy was able deliver a noticeable increase in PPC profitability within a single month.

The same tailored logic can apply to your business – if you want more enquiries and a lower cost per enquiry from Google PPC marketing, please get in touch for more information.

    In numbers

  • keywords from 992 to275,532
  • ad groups from 79 to10,967
  • ad messages from 216 to142,571
  • negative keywords1,844
  • 20% vistitors from PPC
  • 79% click through rate
  • 16% Average Quality Scores
  • 34% enquiries
  • 11% conversion
  • 12% cost per enquiry