A Sydney-based professional services business has previously outsourced their Google AdWords management, but had noticed click costs rising significantly over a 4 year period without a corresponding rise in enquiries or sales. Unhappy with their reduced profitability, they contacted Calculate Marketing for a free analysis of their current Google AdWords campaigns.


305% increase in PPC enquiries for a similar spend.

How I helped

4 years of previous campaign data allowed search query theme analysis to become incredibly powerful and reliable at separating high-performing themes from negative keyword candidates and develop a strategy to help increase the overall relevancy and commercial intention of searches. A data-led campaign strategy was then created, with a particular focus on long-tail themes of over 4 words in length which showed promising conversion potential:

  • Number of keywords increased from 483 to 111,812
  • Number of ad groups increased from 58 to 37,269
  • Number of tailored ad messages increased from 71 to 223,563

Bid adjustments for location, time of day, and day of week were initially set based on insights from the previous campaigns to help skew budget towards more profitable segments, but were later adjusted to reflect variations in new campaign performance.

To help better align the campaigns to maximise profitability, Google's Conversion Import feature was implemented to determine which keywords, searches, ad messages as audience segments were working better than others at generating sales, rather than just enquiries, which added an extra dimension of data for more powerful optimisation.

Campaign results

The more long-tail campaign strategy resulted in a significant reduction in the broad-matching of search queries, with the increased spread of search query traffic over a greater number of ad messages helping to significantly reduce average cost per click and improve visitor engagement:

  • Broad-matching fell by 28%
  • Number of different keywords being clicked rose by 611%
  • Number of different ad messages being clicked rose by 803%
  • Average cost per click (CPC) fell by 37.6%
  • Bounce rate fell by 14.3%
  • Average pageviews rose by 23.6%
  • Return visits increased by 64.5%

Client results

A data-driven campaign strategy and meaningful campaign optimisation using reliable and significant data sets meant that for a similar Google AdWords click spend:

  • Enquiries from PPC ads increased by 305%
  • Conversion rate from PPC ads rose by 90.5%
  • Cost per enquiry from PPC ads fell by 67.2%

Integrating offline sales data (AdWords Conversion Import) for optimisation helped the quality of enquiry and the offline conversion rate increase considerably, with PPC click spend since increasing by 69% to deliver 215% more clicks and 483% more qualified enquiries.

If you’re a professional services business looking to generate more quality enquiries from PPC marketing, please get in touch for a more data-driven strategy.

    In numbers

  • keywords from 483 to111,812
  • ad groups from 58 to37,269
  • ad messages from 71 to223,563
  • negative keywords from 29 to9,746
  • 28% broad-matching
  • 38% average CPC
  • 14% bounce rate
  • 23% page views per visit
  • 64% PPC return visits
  • 90% PPC conversion rate
  • 67% cost per enquiry
  • 305% enquiries for similar spend